1. We are nothing
    without one another
    yet between us is pure abyss.
    — Paul Valery (via loveage-moondream)

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  2. Darlings.

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  3. inmostnight asked: How did Land and Brassier ruin philosophy and academia for you?

    I could have chosen a better word than ruined, but Brassier’s discipline and Land’s derangement were a corrupting combination to absorb at the time. The resultant position I developed, some kind of malnourished obscene accelerationist mysticism, was a confused attempt to reconcile the depressing conclusions drawn from their works.

    Studying “nihilism” in a university setting felt impure. The entire academy seemed crippled by the terrifying prospect that there would be no such thing as philosophy within the next few years in Australia. Academic philosophy is economically unsound, offers no moral guidance, no solace for mortal fear, and no practical advantage in war, and therefor the courses seemed directed toward protecting students from realising their long term career ambitions may be in trouble as funding cut after funding cut depleted staffing and resources across many universities in the nation. The question of the value of philosophy was one that became important to clarify, but also seemingly impossible. I was to ask this immediately upon reading Nihil Unbound, and finding the conclusions deeply unsettling, I resolved to take a break from studies until I had a resolution.

    I still don’t. I suppose I concluded that the glorification of purity may be more terrifying and isolating than contemplation of the void, but it’s also nourishing, leads to less sleep hysteria, and is occasionally joyous.


  4. Reading Misery and Purity, the DIJ book by “Robert” from 1995. Last I heard he has rewritten with more history on Crisis. Hopefully see publication soon.


  5. Approach Mishima with caution if you are of a depressive temperament.
    — From ‘Misery and Purity’, a book about Death in June by Robert.

  6. Edgar Breau (Simply Saucer) on The Kinks. Read about it here.


  7. There is something compulsive about a telephone. The gadget-ridden man of our age loves it, loathes it, and is afraid of it. But he always treats it with respect, even when he is drunk. The telephone is a fetish.
    — Raymond Chandler, “The Long Good-Bye”, 1953 (via anotherdayofnothing)

  8. Trauma.


  9. downwardsltd:

    'In the port of Amsterdam there's a sailor who drinks
    And he drinks and he drinks and he drinks once again
    He’ll drink to the health of the whores of Amsterdam
    Who’ve given their bodies to a thousand other men’

    Regis - Live in the port of Amsterdam


  10. SPK

    From Industrial Culture Handbook

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  11. destroythehumanrace asked: Being an Emil Cioran fan, how do you feel about modern nihilists like Thomas Ligotti? Particularly with regards to "Conspiracy Against the Human Race?

    I just got turned onto Ligotti, interesting you ask. I think it’s the connection to True Detective that has a lot of people tripping.

    I’m amazed at the discipline required to live and think as a nihilist in 2014. Especially in the city, crowded by human life. A few years ago Ray Brassier and Nick Land (and by extention Bataille) ruined Philosophy and Academia for me. I still find the question of nihilism the most important question in philosophy, and personally, the most physically hazardous. So I approach Ligotti the same way I approach Cioran, Land, etc.: with care!

    I’m curious as to any other modern nihilists you’d recommend reading…


  12. My abnormal devotion to Bataille stems from the fact that nobody has done more than he to obstruct the passage of violent blanks into a pacified oblivion, and thus to awaken the monster in the basement of reason. Not that the repressed is locked in a dungeon, it is stranded in a labyrinth, and connected to the daylit world by a secret continuity. A tangle of confusion comes to seem like a door, a maze like a barrier, and one says ‘I’, but the inside is not a cell, it is a corridor; a passage cut from the soft rock of loss. Inner experience traverses a sombre porosity, and the moans of the minotaur reverberate through its arteries, hinting at an indefinable proximity. It becomes difficult to sleep.
    — Nick Land, The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism (via tiredshoes)

  13. New Distort mailorder:

    Leather Lickers demo CS (members of Soma Coma and Gutter Gods play 90’s Cleveland style hardcore punk)

    Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project (Incomparably weird lounge collaboration)

    Recent hits: Pan Sonic 2xLP, Dissect #1, Electric Eels 7”, Rupture LP, SSEX #4, Total Control shirt.

    Gonna start easing off as I’m heading o/s in July, getting smaller quantities of new stock.

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  14. pisshungry-bootbitch69:


    The Lithuanian Disco Scene  

    From 2000–2010 Andrew Miksys photographed youth in village clubs along the back roads of Lithuania. Most of the venues Miksys explored are located in Soviet-era Houses of Culture where he sometimes found gas masks, Lenin paintings and other discarded remnants of the Soviet Union. As a Lithuanian-American from Seattle, he was intrigued by the history of the discos and the teenage culture in these European post-war communities. The images portray a new hopeful generation in a swirl of uncertainty, fog, and disco lights.

    post-soviet houses of culture are fucking wild

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  15. Monday mid-morning meditation.