1. Do you have any preconceived notion of your audience?

    Jim Shephard: Well, I don’t know, possibly loners, guys or gals who have weird mom and dad hang-ups, who live in dirty apartments and are anti-social. Many probably have bad eyesight, have a hard time keeping permanent lovers and have fantasies about death… heavy alcohol intake and some drug usage. All symptoms of the average serial killer, but who wouldn’t actually kill. Cut out bin freaks. Anti-heros / anti-posers.


  2. UV got a handful of copies of a bootleg 7” that came outta America of a session we had pre- first LP. Very primitive. Mo put some copies up for sale here and I’ll be getting some for Distort in a couple days if there’s still copies.


  3. text-mode:

    Illustration from teleprinter novel Informed Sources by Willard S. Bain (1967)


  4. Nihilism is not… a pathological exacerbation of subjectivism, which annuls the world and reduces reality to a correlate of the absolute ego, but on the contrary, the unavoidable corollary of the realist conviction that there is a mind-independent reality, which, despite the presumptions of human narcissism, is indifferent to our existence and oblivious to the ‘values’ and ‘meanings’ which we would drape over it to make it more hospitable.
    — Ray Brassier, Nihil Unbound

  5. NS: I wrote the words at a shooting gallery on Goldborne Rd just off Ladbroke Gr. The riff and the rest of the tune came together a few days later at the Kings Rd flat of Dan Treacy from TVP. When we recorded the number Jowe was stuck in Manchester…
    JH: Delayed by a snowstorm.
    NS: So the bass part was played by Epic on the foot pedals of John River’s Hammond m100.
    JH: I thought that it sounded fantastic, so to keep some tension and drama to it, I seized a vaccum and played that instead!

    Swell Maps on recording ‘Midget Submarines’

    From A Trip To Marineville reissue liners


  6. crudefoyer:

    March 2014


  7. Here, then, is a first approach to nihilism: it is not an individual experience, not a philosophical doctrine, nor is it a fatal light cast over human nature, eternally destined to nothingness. Rather, nihilism is an event accomplished in history that is like a shedding of history — the moment when history turns and that is indicated by a negative trait: that values no longer have value in themselves. There is also a positive trait: for the first time the horizon is infinitely open to knowledge, ‘Everything is permitted.’ This new authorization given to man when the authority of values has collapsed means first of all: knowing everything is permitted, there is no longer a limit to man’s activity.
    — Maurice Blanchot, The Infinite Conversation (via notquiteachild)

  8. juju-be-art:


    B&W portrait from c. 1915 of Egon Schiele in a mirror….

    (via netrovah)


  9. Distort #44. Interviews and conversations:

    DRIBBLE/GUTTER GODS: “When you go that far with psychedelics, you find that your ego could be this protective mechanism to ensure we stay conscious.”

    JON ROFFE: “The problem is that thinking itself has a kind of affinity with death. There are no intrinsic limits to it.”

    HTRK: “I have got that at the forefront when I am writing; I am trying to give young girls another option of realism.”

    CONSTANT MONGREL: “pro trend”

    JOCK CLUB: “Playing this kind of music is about paying attention to the history of the music, but at the same time paving new ground for it to prosper.”

    LOKE RAHBEK: “If this is what the future is going to be like, it’s really not that bad.”

    RAY BRASSIER: “The percentage of material published on philosophy blogs that would stand up to serious critical scrutiny is, at best, minuscule, so the claim made by SR’s online enthusiasts that blogs are “revolutionizing” philosophy is more than a little silly.”

    Cover design by James Vinciguerra, also features art and photography by Zephyr Pavey, Loke Rahbek, Ray Brassier, Matthew Bellosi and Ruby Ray.



  10. Any heads up on a copy of the Coil magazine by M Gaffney that isn’t brainwashed?


  11. We are nothing
    without one another
    yet between us is pure abyss.
    — Paul Valery (via loveage-moondream)

    (Source: batarde, via crimsoncreatures)


  12. Darlings.

    (Source: kraftdurchfreunde)


  13. inmostnight asked: How did Land and Brassier ruin philosophy and academia for you?

    I could have chosen a better word than ruined, but Brassier’s discipline and Land’s derangement were a corrupting combination to absorb at the time. The resultant position I developed, some kind of malnourished obscene accelerationist mysticism, was a confused attempt to reconcile the depressing conclusions drawn from their works.

    Studying “nihilism” in a university setting felt impure. The entire academy seemed crippled by the terrifying prospect that there would be no such thing as philosophy within the next few years in Australia. Academic philosophy is economically unsound, offers no moral guidance, no solace for mortal fear, and no practical advantage in war, and therefor the courses seemed directed toward protecting students from realising their long term career ambitions may be in trouble as funding cut after funding cut depleted staffing and resources across many universities in the nation. The question of the value of philosophy was one that became important to clarify, but also seemingly impossible. I was to ask this immediately upon reading Nihil Unbound, and finding the conclusions deeply unsettling, I resolved to take a break from studies until I had a resolution.

    I still don’t. I suppose I concluded that the glorification of purity may be more terrifying and isolating than contemplation of the void, but it’s also nourishing, leads to less sleep hysteria, and is occasionally joyous.


  14. Reading Misery and Purity, the DIJ book by “Robert” from 1995. Last I heard he has rewritten with more history on Crisis. Hopefully see publication soon.


  15. Approach Mishima with caution if you are of a depressive temperament.
    — From ‘Misery and Purity’, a book about Death in June by Robert.