1. DISTORT #11

    Interview with Masstrauma / Regulations / Thought Criminals / writing on 60’s punk, Warning Fanzine, Peter Laughner.

    From interview with Aaron and Fingers (Masstrauma):
    So where do you fit in in Sydney?
    A: We don’t!
    F: We don’t fit in anywhere. Everyone just stands there and watches us. There’s people that understand it: “oh, you’re Swedecore meets…”
    You don’t sound like that. It sounds like dirty scumbag 90’s thrash from San Diego, like Neighbours, Gehenna.
    A: Playing on drums to me, all those bands I love like Capitalist Casualties, and everyone brings about ten different influences each to the band.
    F: Copout, Crossed Out, Slight Slappers.
    A: We’ve got a cheap riff copped from Capitalist Casualties. They’re back, too. So we’re going to get in trouble for that.
    Oh, they’re gonna care. “Hey, this band from Australia is stealing our riffs”.
    F: Fuck, I’ll fight them. That’s one band I’d fight.
    A: Why? I love them.
    F: I love them, I’d just fight them.
    A: Fuck, I’d suck their balls.
    Aaron will suck their balls.
    F: I’ll punch them, you can suck their balls, we’ll tell them how good their records are.
    So what happened to Sydney?
    F: Sydney is good, but you can’t play in the hardcore scene, you have to go play with Vae Victus and stuff. They’re amazing.
    A: How much is it that the crust kids are more open minded than the hardcore kids?
    Maybe because the crust kids are actually playing hardcore.
    A: I could get behind this. I seriously could not think of many Sydney bands that I could get behind.
    F: There’s a few that I like, for weird reasons, like Crime Spree.
    They’re fucking great, man. They should come down here.
    F: They were going to come down with us. They’re… they’re pretty loose. (laughter)

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