1. Zig Zag #95 (UK, July 1979, 44 pages)

    Interviews with: Psychedelic Furs, Members, Kleenex, Destroy All Monsters, Cramps. Cover sez Swell Maps: contents don’t deliver!

    One of the cream of first wave UK punk zines. The Kleenex interview is awesome - it mentions a Kleenex fanzine that Rough Trade were apparently releasing, anyone know anything about that? - and the usual UK punk stardom bullshit is kept to a minimum with a very insightful Ron Asheton / DOM interview and a bunch of, of course, cool blabbing with the Cramps. Keep the Limeys down to earth, eh?

    Buy it here.

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    Rough Trade were selling so many fanzines at this point, the whisper of a Kleenex xerox would have been sufficient to...
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