1. P.O.W.(Punk On Wave) Vol.2 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan, Paperback format, Full-color covers, 113 pages
    Edited and published by Sakevi from G.I.S.M. and Charmy from Laughin’ Mose/AA Rec. Glossy full-page color and B&W photos of G.I.S.M., Lip Cream, Cobra, Auto-Mod, Willard, Chaos UK, Wretched, Disorder etc. The G.I.S.M. part is two full-pages and has killer live photos of Sakevi. The photos, interviews and articles of Gauze, Hanatarash, Willard, Chaos UK, AA Rec., U.K. HC etc. The ads for AA, KPP Rec., Ghoul EP/Hold Up Rec., Last Bomb, and tons more cool stuff in this issue. There’s even a two full-page odd artwork by Sakevi. Written mostly in Japanese, ofcourse. Fucking amazing underground punk mag!
    (Info taken from Hardcore Beaver Mailorder)

    Buy it.

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  24. churchofmeat said: Nearly bought this but printed out a HQ scan a few years back. Worth owning.
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